Board of Directors

The Potomac Region Board of Directors meets on the third Monday of the month at 6.00p.m. Eastern Time.

The Board meetings are by phone conference.
ASPRS Members are invited to join the meeting. Only the official members of the Board have voice and vote but other members may request time to address the board. Items of new business should usually be forwarded to the Secretary for inclusion on the agenda and  this will be at the discretion of the Board depending on the time available.

The Board uses a standing agenda as follows:


  1. President: opens meeting.
  2. Secretary: Roll Call, Quorum?
  3. Minutes of last meeting for approval. (Please read ahead of time.)
  4. Business arising.
  5. Vice-President’s report. (Geotech update…. )
  6. Secretary/Treasurer’s report.
  7. National Director’s report (news from the National scene)
  8. Membership activity (lapsed member contact, new recruitment, new forum/chapters).
  9. Technical Tours.
  10. Joint events with other regions/professional groups.
  11. Submitted agenda items.
  12. Other business.
  13. Adjournment.

2017 Board of Directors

President: Dr. Chris McGlone
Vice President: Dr. Gang Chen
Immediate Past President: Paul Bresnahan
Regional Officers Council Representative: Dr. Mukul Sonwalkar
Secretary/Treasurer: Jackie Carr
Region Director 2015-2017: David Alvarez
Region Director 2017-2019: Evan Brown
Region Director: Mike Paquette
Historian: Mr. Yogendra P. Singh

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